Meeks Mixed Media is your new media solution. Helping small businesses stay on top of internet trends is a priority. We specialize in video and audio production, but also offer a full range of website design (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Graphic and Logo Design).

Our main focus is media production, which includes:

  • Video Production
  • Animation
  • Video Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Voice Over
  • Mobile App Demos
  • Software Tutorials
  • Commercials
  • Music Videos

We have a full audio and video studio which includes a high-end Canon camera, a wide assortment of lenses:, several professional microphones and mixers, a dedicated green screen, full studio and field lighting kits, and several productions machines of the highest caliber. We also bring over 10 years of media production and online marketing experience, ensuring that your project will help build your brand and inform your potential clients.

Why don’t you have your rates listed?

Every project and client is different. It’s hard to estimate the cost without hearing your vision for your project. One person’s 2min. tutorial could include 3 shots and no voice over while another might require on-screen talent and 15 shots!

For the record, the hourly rate for most work is $30/hour, and if you request a quote that’s what I’ll base it on. Misc. expenses, pre-production, and two rounds of notes is built is folded into that hour estimate as well.

What is a ‘critical’ revision and why is it important?

If I’ve quoted you a flat rate as described in the above question there will be no additional charges unless you require a critical revision. This is a revision that would require us re-doing more than 40% of the work.

Naturally if it’s a mistake on our part there won’t be an additional charge, but otherwise you’ll be invoiced by the hour for the additional work.

Why should I hire Meeks Mixed Media?

We are a compact operation with a professional studio so you know you’ll get the best price-to-quality ratio. We’ve been doing this sort of thing for close to a decade now so we bring experience to the table.

We provide a full service and take your idea from concept to script to finished product in-house. This includes hiring talent and working with you to ensure the video meets your expectations.

If that’s not enough, check out our client list, testimonials, and portfolio to see concrete examples of our quality and client satisfaction.

How do I hire Meeks Mixed Media?

Simple, go to our Hire Us page to request a quote for your project! We’ll get back to you shortly.