Podcast Round-Up! 2014 (Part One)

It's Round-Up Time!

It’s Round-Up Time!

It’s time again to round up all my guest appearances from other podcasts far and wide. I’m always up for talking superheroes, video, ONCE, writing, tech, or anything else on a podcast. If you need a guest drop me a line.

I started off 2014 talking 2013 over on My So Called 8bit Life with Roberto Villegas, Rick Foster, and Patrick. (Link)

Next I joined the fine folks over at the Geek I/O podcast to discuss all kinds of geeky news. (Link)

I join the SciFi Geeks Club on their first episode to talk comic book movies as Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman. (Link)

My buddy Adam Paulauski all about Dogboy: Den of Thieves over on his Youtube channel.

Me and my Greetings from Storybrooke co-host Anne Marie DeSimone joined Hope Mullinax from Hope of All Trades to discuss the first half of Once Upon a Time Season 3. (Link)

As mentioned elsewhere I joined Scott Johnson and Tom Merrit to talk everything geek on Episode 8 of their podcast Current Geek. (Link)

I joined Bryce and Will over on The Executives to talk content stewardship and Gotham. (Link)

A few weeks back I did another round on Geek I/O:

I joined the Record Breakers to discuss the first album I ever purchased… Garbage Version 2.0. This was a real fun one. (Link)

And finally this past week I got to join PadreSJ on his show Padre’s Corner on the TWiT Network. We talk drones, Dogboy, ZZT, and the original My Little Pony.

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