Legends of Gotham – A Gotham Podcast

I’m a huge fan of the Batman so I was very excited when I heard FOX will be airing a new show set in the Batman universe called Gotham. Luckily my Greetings from Storybrooke co-host Anne Marie DeSimone wanted to do another show so we’ve created Legends of Gotham to hash it out every week.

You might be wondering why we’re launching now. Anne Marie loves procedurals, but her Bat-Fu needs a little work. We’re taking the summer to acclimate her to Gotham City by discussing a lot of classic Batman stories like Year One, Batman: The Animated Series, The Nolan Trilogy, and Gotham Central. By the time the series starts this fall she (and hopefully you) will know everything she needs to about this wonderful, textured world.

Legends of Gotham - A Gotham Podcast

Legends of Gotham – A Gotham Podcast

Here’s the blurb from our site:

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss new episodes, news, and theories about the FOX series Gotham (set in the world of Batman).

Show E-mail: legendsofgotham@gmail.com

Show Twitter Account: @LegendsOfGotham

Bill’s Twitter Account: @billmeeks

Anne Marie’s Twitter Account: @amdesimone

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