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Online video is on the rise. According to Internet Retailer 52% of consumers say watching an online video makes them more confident when purchasing a product or service. Visitors who view an online video are 85% more likely to buy then those who don’t.  Online video marketing works. It brings in new customers and keeps the customers you already have engaged. Ready to help your online business or tech start-up grow? Meeks Mixed Media is your one-stop solution to attract interest to your brand or product.

What We Do

1. Consultation – We’ll begin by consulting with you to find out what you love about your product. Enthusiasm is infectious, and by starting with what excites you about your product we can craft a fun and engaging video about your product to get your customers excited.

2. Scripting – Then we’ll write a script that will highlight the best features of your products and at the same time entertain and engage your audience. We’ll also decide on a style that fits the video and subject matter. It might be clean and modern, it might be corny and retro. Every decision we make is based on your product and what works for your audience.

3. Pre-Production – We’ll create artistic assets like characters and props and decide on the right fonts and music to fit the style of the video. We sometimes provide test animations at this stage if needed. You’ll sign off on all assets before we begin production to ensure that there aren’t any surprises when we deliver a draft.

4. Production – We’ll take the script and assets and start working to make you a fun and engaging video. We use a combination of industry-standard motion graphic/animation techniques as well as custom in-house solutions we’ve developed over the years. If needed we’ll also shoot original footage in our professional video studio which includes a green screen if you’d like an on-screen presenter.

5. Revisions – We’ll send you a private Youtube link to the video so you and your team can review it and suggest changes. We’ll take your notes and give you feedback on them based on our years of professional video experience. Once all parties our happy with the revisions list we’ll go in and make the final tweaks.

6. Final Delivery – We’ll deliver your final video to you in a variety of formats suitable for uploading Youtube and Vimeo as well as versions you can host on your website or edit into longer corporate presentations. Besides the standard formats we’ll render out any other formats you might need.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Ready to join the video revolution? Go ahead and check out our portfolio of effective marketing videos. Once you are satisfied request a FREE QUOTE for your How It Works/Explainer video by filling out this form:

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Online video is on the rise, and if you want your online marketing to stand above the crowd you need an effective online marketing video. Luckily Meeks Mixed Media is here to help.


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