Youtube on Roku… Finally!

Youtube on the Roku

Youtube on the Roku

EDIT (December 17, 2013) Today they announced an Official Youtube Channel for the Roku 3. It’s expected to come to other versions of the device early next year. Finally!

EDIT (April 4, 2013) Turns out the Private channel VideoBuzz works great for Youtube on Roku. Follow that link and sign in to your Roku account to add the channel. Word on the street is the Roku may be getting an official Youtube channel soon.

EDIT (March 30, 2012): Matt in the comments recommends RateRix, which can be found in the Photos and Videos section of the channel store. You can even set up playlists. This seems like a pretty good replacement to the original NowhereMan Youtube channel. Here is a good review I found of the channel. Matt also offers this handy tip: ‘If you search for any music artist with the word VEVO behind it you can access all their HD content.’

EDIT (March 13, 2012): According to user Garivel in the comments you can also add a 1080p Youtube channel here. Be warned, my original Roku recently kicked the bucket so I can’t test this out. Let me know in the comment if it works.

EDIT (February 28, 2012): While new users can no longer sign up to the Nowhere Man’s channel some commenters on this post have found a slightly complicated workaround. If you have the Facebook  channel you can post any Youtube link you want to watch to your Facebook wall and then watch it from within the channel under Newsfeed Videos. If you don’t want to spam your friends with random cat videos just set the post to be visable ‘Only to Me.’ Thanks to Paul and Meghan in the comments!

The Roku Digital Video Player is a great little set-top box that brings tons of online video content (including Revision3,, Netflix, and Amazon). You may have seen my post back in November which outlined a way to use the new Mediafly channel to play Youtube videos. Hours after my post went up the work-around was displayed somewhere along the supply chain and I was without further recourse to pull Youtube clips onto my TV without the aid of a laptop.

Thankfully I did what I normally do, waited for a solution to come by. Hobbiest Roku Channel Developer TheNowhereMan has developed a private channel that allows you to access Youtube videos straight from your Roku. It’s as simple as linking your box to the website and entering a Private Channel code. He has full instructions and the code at his site. as well as instructions on adding his other awesome channels like Pod TV and Woot!.

By the way, you can always find experimental channels to put on your Roku over at the Roku Forums.

40 comments on “Youtube on Roku… Finally!
  1. Please Guys:
    Let me know how to put youtube on my roku

  2. Don says:

    Install RateRix and/or the 1080p showcase.
    The first one will let you view any youtube video, but the search mechanism is kind of a mild pain (do your searches without spaces). The 1080p showcase works well, but -only- for youtube vids published in 1080p.

    • Linda McDoniel says:

      Thanks Enrico.

      I added Raterix last night and was getting fed up when doing video searches and coming up with a screen saying empty. Then while doing research I came upon this page. I am glad I did before I deleted the channel off my list. Now everything is working fine. I can find anything now. I do recommend this channel for people who want youtube content on their Roku. Thanks again Enrico for letting us know that we should not include spaces in our search.

  3. Dandapani says:

    I installed NoWhere, but no where does it show Youtube.

  4. sebstin says:

    All streaming players have youtube except ROKU?? Why??

  5. Bill Martin says:

    Hey google, look at all the money you are losing.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I followed the directions in the link provided, and still can’t get YouTube. Is there something I missed???

  7. Prasad says:

    Yes it can be played.. add your youtube link to facebook my videos..share it only with you.. then go to facebook roku app..then play the video… ullalllaaa..its that simple.

    • Paul says:

      Could you please let us know how add/embed you tube video link in my video of face book. We got only below two options.

      Upload Video
      Record Video

      • Bill Meeks says:

        I haven’t tried it myself but I would suggest attaching the link to the Youtube video.

      • Meghan says:

        All you have to do is share the link on your wall, no uploading required. You can make it appear to “Only Me” if you don’t want others to see your link. When you log into facebook on Roku all you have to do is go to “Newsfeed Videos” you can find your video there. However, you may need to re-share your videos after a week this way. If you upload a video that appears to be copyright infringement, facebook will delete it. By sharing the link only you can avoid facebook removing your videos. If there’s no infringement, then upload the video to your videos, it will last longer!

      • PRASAD says:

        Its so simple just copy the youtube link and post it in the facebook… share it only with you .. so that others in facebook doesn’t see.. and then go to facebook roku app…

  8. Jim says:

    This IS stupid! Youtube started as nothing and now WE’RE being deprived of something that is essentially free?!? Hell, I have it on my phone!

    • Richard T says:

      Google owns YouTube now.
      Google also owns android.
      Google also owns GoogleTV which is a direct competitor of Roku.
      They want you to spend the money to buy a GoogleTV. They’re not going to help our their competitor, Roku.

  9. Jack says:

    When I bought my Roku in December the saleperson told me, “Oh sure, you can get Youtube. All these systems have Youtube.” Well, he was almost right. All but one. We do get a lot of little “niche channel” additions like the Slovakian channel now and then. Roku also was supposed to be adding the very nifty Spotify website — month’s ago! Personally I am suffering from “buyers remorse”. In the meantime I refuse to add games or channels with a cost in case I decide to ditch this thing and buy a real system.

  10. yadava says:

    wood, please let us know the steps to add youtube on Roku, thanks

  11. I have an old Basic PlayOn license. Using their PlayOn channel on Roku I can watch YouTube and home media files. If I upgrade my PlayOn license I can then add regular Hulu and other content.

  12. carl says:

    then what code wil work to put the channel on roku . it wont work

  13. John S says:

    You should change the title of this post, and remove the image of the Youtube channel. Both are misleading.

    • Bill Meeks says:

      Thanks for the input, John. I’ll leave it as is since I’ve tried to keep it up to date with info to get Youtube on your Roku. There are a couple of decent options even if they are a bit hacky. As this is a top search result for ‘Youtube on Roku’ I’d like to keep it presented as it always has been while continuing to keep the post up-to-date with the most recent information. Thanks again, John.

  14. matt says:

    RateRix isn’t too bad…just make sure not to use spaces when searching. I have been using it for the last several months and you can even create playlists for music videos/favs.

  15. MobileTribe does Youtube great, everything you’d need, plus it does Facebook, Picasa and Yahoo. Check it out and give it a try!

  16. Tim says:

    When is google going to get on the ball and fix youtube so it will play on Roku?

  17. V Nazario says:

    This is how you can watch Youtube videos without using the FB work-around:

    1. Raterix channel and 1080p channel
    2. Through PlayOn (requires subscription and video transcoding off personal PC Desktop/Server)
    3. Through Plex (requires video transcoding off personal PC/Mac Desktop/Server-Works best in Mac)
    4. Youtube content available on vimeo, blinx Aand other sites (for general videos not to search for specific videos).

    The simplest solution is definitely the RateRix channel. Make your searches without spaces (see previous comments).

    Plex solution is the best since it gives you many plugins to content to include Youtube and Hulu Basic but it does require a dedicated PC running in the background and some configuring.

    1080p channel works but only 1080 res videos and ONLY if hooked up on HD TV set at this resolution. Will not work on older SD TV sets.

    • Greg Broz says:

      Well, I was able to ADD Nowhere TV…however, there doesn’t seem to be any YouTube and that
      is why I added the channel. What’s up with that???

  18. A. Nonymous says:

    RateRix was an elegant solution to Viewing YouTube. Its search worked fairly well, but it had one awesomely fatal flaw: it bypassed the ads. Per the user agreement, this is a big no-no, and since RateRix is not currently supported, a fix seems unlikely. Cool while it lasted, but it was inevitably doomed by its own design.

  19. Debbie says:

    As of 9/14/12, RateRix is no longer working and will only give “Unsupported Format” errors when trying to view videos. Just wanted to let you, and anyone else searching for a new option, the news. Looks like I will have to either waste time saving links to all my YouTube subscriptions or pay MobileTribe for their service just to watch free YouTube videos on my TV. Ugh…

  20. Linda says:

    I almost gave up trying to figure out how to do this, since Roku for some strange reason doesn’t seem to want you to know you can connect to view YouTube videos online.

    Use Plex.
    > Initialize it on Roku they will give you a 4 digit code,

    > Go to the website to enter the code and then confirm your account from the email they send you.
    > On your computer, add the “Plex It!” button to your bookmark browser bar
    > On your computer, Find the YouTube videos you want, then click the “Plex It!” button on your browser
    > You’ll then see those videos on your Roku TV Plex que

  21. D.S. says:

    Now that ROKU has gotten rid of VideoBuzz, is there any other ways to watch YouTube on my Roku on TV?

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