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My First Story on Weird Things

My First Story on Weird Things

Starting this Monday I’ll be a regular contributor to Justin R. Young‘s Weird Things blog. I’m most aware of Justin from his co-hosting duties on the NSFW podcast on TWiT, but he’s also worked for several newspapers and was an associate producer at G4TV in 2009. Here’s a description of the site:

Weird Things is a blog dedicated to people who love both science and are fascinated by the impossible and fantastic. It’s for people who believe a mystery is interesting no matter the outcome.

Our goal is to bring our readers interesting content on a daily basis; consisting of original features and links worth looking at.

I’ll be writing an article 5 days a week starting this Monday, June 7th. You can follow my articles specifically here, but please visit for all the latest in the world of weird from Justin, Andrew Mayne, Matt Finley, and myself. And there’s already one article up: Werewolf Teenagers Grip West Texas.

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