Podcast Round-Up!

Podcast Roundup

It’s been awhile since I’ve promoted any podcast appearances so I figured I’d throw a post up with all of the ones I can still find. In other news I want to appear on 20 podcasts as a guest in 2013 so if you have a podcast and need a guest feel free to drop me a line.

Want to hear me talk? Follow the links below!

Greetings From Storybrooke (I actually co-host this one).

My So Called 8bit Life Episode 77 – Jet Set Hunger Games – All about my trip to San Francisco/Indonesia.

My So Called 8bit Life Episode 67 – The One Topic Episode – Talking about copyright justice

Chaos Buffering 40: Awkward Erection – Talking with Josh Hilp and my buddy Patrick about all sorts of crazy stuff.

Book Guys Episode 064 – The Simpsons – I join Paul & Co. to interview Alex Ruiz, animator for The Simpsons. We also talk a bit about my upcoming novel towards the end.

Book Guys Episode 050 – Talk Like A Pirate Day – More fun with Paul & Co.

The Citadel Cafe Episode 50 – New Media: Vomit Is Happening – I join Joel Duggan and Johnny Feisty to talk New Media Expo, comics, and Django Unchained.

20 Questions Tuesday: 231 – Bill Meeks – Not a podcast per se but a wide-ranging text interview I did back in January.

Once Upon A Time Podcasters Roundtable (Youtube)(Audio) – I joined a bunch of other Once Upon A Time podcasters to discuss the show during it’s mid-season break.

Tadpool Tech! Episode 30: Meeks Meedia – I join the crew over at Tadpool Tech to discuss Google I/O, Steven King’s town preparing for one of his books to come to life and MORE!


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