Old Wide Web: Internet History Dissected and Explained

Last year I produced 8 episodes of a podcast called Old Wide Web. It was an ambitious NPR-style production that I ran out of time for once our new kid came mid-summer. Episodes generally took 8-10 hours to produce! Anyway, I’ve uploaded all of them to Youtube in this handy playlist for your educational listening pleasure. Lots of fun guests on this too. Tom Merritt plays the time traveler John Titor, I interview the guy who created the ‘Ate My Balls’ meme, one of the first big Web memes, and most of the milestone events in the first 8-10 years of the web get a segment. The first 3 episodes include a ‘Brief History of the Internet’ as well, speeding through over 50 years of development in about 20mins.

Please enjoy! Also, anybody want to buy OldWideWeb.org?


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