Hey, remember a few months back when I teased my upcoming novel? Well, it’s here! Dogboy: Den of Thieves is now available in digital and physical form for you to read and enjoy. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Dogboy: Den of Thieves by Bill Meeks

Orphan. Superhero. Thief.

Dogboy, aka Bronson Black, is Colta City’s 13-year-old superhero. When his parents die in a car accident he’s left in the custody of his mysterious Uncle Randolph. Using his magic kit and a strange precognitive power he protects the city from Andrus and his Guild of Thieves.

Along the way he befriends Cindy McNeil, a wannabe reporter with a secret of her own, and Mr. Horum, his boss at The Old Curiosity Shop.

When the guild captures Dogboy he must decide whether to join them or take them down once and for all as he embraces his destiny as one of the “good guys.”

And here the best ways to buy the book:

Amazon (Kindle)

Amazon (Paperback)

Barnes & Noble (NOOK) (Signed Paperback)

Visit the store at for other formats and the free podcast with dramatic readings from the book as well as interviews with me and my team. I also got one of those fun author’s pages on Amazon if you want to check it out.

Thanks to everybody who picked up a pre-release signed copy. Those should go out next week sometimes. I’ll be updating the store page as new outlets become available and you’ll also see those reflected in the sidebar.

Exciting times, and the sequel is already underway. Feel free to reach out with any comments or questions about the book directly, and leave a review on Amazon if you’re so inclined.

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