Best Projects of 2011

As the year comes to a close it’s time to run down my favorite projects of 2011 (in no particular order)! These are the ones that were the perfect combination of fun, profit, and exposure.  It’s been a great year (my most profitable yet) and a lot of fun. I enter my 30s this weekend (EEK!) and these projects helped make a great end to my 20s. If you are a client who didn’t make the list I still love you!

1. +Tijuana Jackson – Prison Logic Motion Graphics

Over the course of several weeks in the summer and early fall I was the motion graphics point man for the web series Prison Logic with Tijuana Jackson. Allegedly staring 40 Year Old Virgin, Weeds, and now The Good Wife actor Romany Malco it’s a highly offensive, horrifically funny, and mildly motivational half hour.

Working on it has been a creative blast. I’m usually given a general idea or sometimes even just a segment title and am allowed to pretty much go wild and have fun with it. If you’d told me a year ago that this year I’d be animating sex in a prison trailer, an MSNBC-style prison opening, or a sperm flying towards and egg I’d have called you crazy. But, it happened, and I’m all the better for it.

On a very positive note Tijuana will be making a return as soon as his ‘manager’ Romany can pull himself away from being on a hit TV show and everything. Looking forward to more Prison Logic in 2012.


2. Peace Love and Pizza – The Delivery Dudes

For as long as I’ve been making videos there’s one pitch I’ve offered to almost every client… My superhero pitch. I adapt it for every client, product, and situation but no client has ever bit. That is, no client until I met Dave and Rich at Peace Love and Pizza.

Peace Love and Pizza is a local pizza joint that’s been operating in Kennesaw, Georgia for almost two years. The second I met with Dave and Rich I knew it was going to be a great project. Basically the ‘Delivery Dudes’ are pizza-themed superheroes who (in their initial adventure) go up against The Pizza Connection, a rag-tag cartel of parodies of all the big chains. Led by Papa Don (voiced by +Adam Paulauski ) they do everything in their power to stop the Delivery Dudes from moving their tasty pies.

We have two episodes in the can and on the web, and the third one is coming the first couple weeks of January.

3. Hipcycle (+Hipcycle )

This one was fun not just because I got to be the on-screen talent but because I got to build a teleportation device and do some fun visual effects. The device was constructed from an old radio, ipod speaker, phone cords, and a baby carrier I picked up at a thrift store for around $15. The money shot at the end contrary to popular belief was not done using a green screen. I shot a plate and rotoscoped myself out as I teleported away. Where did I teleport to? That information remains classified.

4. fired – A 10 Second Film

This one was done in about 30-40mins from concept to finished video. I did it as part of the latest NSFW Show 10 Second Film Festival, and I think everybody enjoyed it. Both of my sons appear in the video as they were availible. When I was editing I also noticed my performance has a bit of Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad in him which is fun. I’ve had a change of heart and hope Liam will return some day soon.

5. Android Arena

This is a little bump that was made for with and . I actually wasn’t watching live when they proposed the concept but contacted me on Twitter and let me know there was a need. Within a few hours I had it completed and it’s been played in every episode since. I tried to pull off my best Mexican wrestling announcer voice and depending on who you ask succeeded.

Well, that wraps up my top projects of the year. Thanks for allowing me to gush about my year and here’s to 2012. End of the world, Ma!

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