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Bill Meeks is the owner of Meeks Mixed Media, your new media solution. Meeks Mixed Media’s videos have been featured on television, Movie screens, and in over 200 online videos. His motion graphics work has been seen in several popular online shows (most notably Framerate and All About Android).

He’s armed with a souped-up Canon HV40, a full audio and video studio with green screen, and several productions machines of the highest caliber. Before he struck out on his own he worked as a web video producer, cameraman for public television, and as a web programmer/designer for a large-scale e-commerce site. He is also the host of a weekly podcast about the history of the internet and the lead animator on an ongoing web cartoon series.

If you want to promote your brand, product, or artistic work with the power of online media Meeks Mixed Media is ready to help you.

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