R.I.P. Meeks Mixed Media?!?!?!?

Farewell, old friend.

Everything comes to an end eventually. I started Meeks Mixed Media back in 2008 as my “shingle” to operate under doing web design and video work. Six years went by and now I have a full time day job. So what to do with Meeks Mixed Media?

After two years of thinking about this I’ve decided to kill it. Watch the video above for more info on that (and what comes next). In the next few weeks this site will be moved over to billmeeks.com and function as my personal blog. For my videos and other creative work check out Universe Box in 2015.


My First Website

I first learned HTML back in the 90’s. I wanted to use it to build a site for my ZZT “game company” Ultraware, but I didn’t think I was ready. For a test run I decided to make a site about Pinky and The Brain. There were a lot of fan sites around but I went a different route. I decided to create a “conspiracy” site that suggested big pop culture events (shows, movies, etc.) were all attempts by the mousy duo to take over the world.

It pretty much sucks. I know it. But you can see little bits of who I am now in there somewhere. I realized Tripod was taking down old site so I decided to put it here for posterity. The original site lived at braindom.tripod.com. It might still be there.

And here’s the weird Baby Sun animation (complete with watermark):

I’ve made a bunch of websites since then. Some good, most bad, but this one will always hold a special place in my heart. And keep me humble.

My Take on Gotham in the Official Fan Trailer

My podcasting co-host Anne Marie DeSimone and myself are featured in the new fan trailer for their upcoming series Gotham, set in the world of Batman. I got to be Gordon and Bullock, and Anne Marie got to play Essen/Fish Mooney. A ton of fun.

If you want to hear us talk about every episode of this new show (set in the world of Batman) you should head over and subscribe to Legends of Gotham.